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Pamper Face Mask + Polish


Calming. Rejuvenating. Mild.

Pamper your skin with a rejuvenating blend of French pink clay and real food ingredients.

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About Pamper Face Mask + Polish

Being more than just a pouch of clay powder, Nana + Livy’s all-natural 2-in-1 Face Mask + Polish transforms the clay powder into a relaxing moisturizer (Face Mask) and a powerful exfoliator (Face Polish) for your skin. Mixed with French pink clay and real food ingredients, our rejuvenating Pamper Face Mask + Polish is mild on skin with relaxing properties.

  • French Pink Clay: Elegant and mild, French pink clay is a premium clay from France that exfoliates and polishes the skin to diminish aging and removes impurities by revealing a fresher-looking complexion.
  • Rosehip Powder: Rosehips are the fruit of wild roses and boast wonderful herbal ingredients that contain high levels of vitamin C, in addition to vitamin E, A, and D.
  • Himalayan Pink Salts: Known as the purest salts, Himalayan pink salts contain more than 80 natural minerals that impart a feeling of relaxation and nourish your skin.
  • Chamomile Powder: Known for its premium relaxing properties, chamomile is known for its soothing effects, anti-inflammatory properties and antiseptic properties.
  • Ground Oats: Oatmeal is best known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Ground oats gently exfoliate skin and relieve skin irritation.
  • Lavender powder: Grounded from real lavender buds, lavender powder is known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial properties. It provides fragrant relaxation and soothing of skin.

  • Face Mask: In a bowl, mix a spoonful of powder with a few drops of liquid. Using a facial brush, apply a thin layer to your clean face and neck. Once the mask is dry, rinse off with warm water.
  • Face Polish: Scoop a spoonful of powder into your palm. Gently massage powder onto wet face in a circular motion to exfoliate dead skin. Rinse with water.

  • Weight: 50 g
  • Weight with packaging: 60 g
  • Dimension: 10 x 10.5 x 2 cm
  • Our Face Mask + Polish is made to order. This will ensure the freshness of the ingredients and product.
  • This Face Mask + Polish is 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and palm oil-free. It contains no preservatives, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate or other harsh chemicals.
  • Our pouches are 100% compostable.
  • Our Face Mask + Polish is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition, please seek medical advice from your doctor.
  • For external use only. If irritation occurs, cease use and consult a physician. Keep out of reach of children.

3 reviews for Pamper Face Mask + Polish

  1. Ferin (verified owner)

    Didn’t realize that the powder was the face mask AND the polish, but other than that I love the smell and feeling.

  2. Carina Stafford (verified owner)

    This one surprises me! The light lavender scent is so relaxing. Love the natural ingredients in this mask.

  3. Karina (verified owner)

    I have oily skin and this is perfect! My face feels clean afterwards.

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