Nana + Livy in the Spotlight

As our brand grows, Nana + Livy seizes the opportunity to shine and inspire via the media. Check out what everyone has been saying about us!

October 2019

Nana + Livy handmade vegan bath treats + a giveaway!

Amelia So’s house must smell amazing. When she’s not taking care of her two young daughters, the Burnaby, BC entrepreneur makes vegan, food-based bath treats in her home studio…

October 2019

Nana + Livy | Skin and Bath Treats

That’s the mantra behind the Vancouver-based artisanal bath and body shop, Nana + Livy. Ingredients for each product are chosen carefully to reflect the nutrition our skin needs…

April 2019

Five Reasons to Get Stoked and Save Cash for the Spring Edition of ‘Got Craft?’

These women make bath goodies for those of us who like to treat our bodies to tasty treats and treatments above and beyond the gastronomic variety…

October 2018

The Story of Nana+Livy

Hello! I’m Amelia. I am the founder of Nana+Livy Handmade Bath Treats, a local handmade artisan bath and body shop based in Vancouver, Canada…

October 2018

Artist Profile - Amelia of Nana + Livy

What inspired the name of your business? 
Nana+Livy Handmade Bath Treats was named after my two daughters Natalia and Olivianne. They are the sole reasons why I started and continued my business…

Queen Bridezilla

June 2018

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are gifts that you give back to your guests to thank them for coming to your big day. Many couples underestimate the significance of the gift to the guests so they do not put a great deal of effort or budget towards it, thinking that it will simply end up in the guests’ trash the next day…

June 2018

A New Way of Looking at Wrapping Paper

In the increasingly popular world of handmade body and bath products, Nana+Livy stands out not only for the quality of their food-based bars, but also for their monochromatic branding focusing on clean lines and simple design…