It is no secret that the beauty and skincare industry today is massive and rapidly evolving. There is simply not enough space for everyone in this industry, so if you want success you will have to work for it. For Nana + Livy, we knew that entering the beauty and skincare industry as a small, local, woman-owned business, was not going to be easy. However, after experiencing the joy from happy customers who found a product they love through our company, we wouldn’t change it for the world.

What makes us stand out?

Nana + Livy is all about minimal and mindful handmade products crafted to provide detail and precision through every single work of art. Our products are designed, crafted, and packaged with two hands. We value the implementation of handmade and handcrafted products in the skincare and beauty market. Like we always say, after all, handmade is who we are.

In an industry where creating handmade products is not always efficient, it can be hard at times to stay rooted in our values. We believe in the fine craftsmanship of our products from start to finish. We believe in every product being intentionally created and packaged to promote sustainability and zero-waste practices.

How to succeed?

To keep a small business running in such a large industry takes dedication, motivation, and most importantly passion. You will probably be told more times than not that you won’t succeed, or that you are unrealistically competing for a spot in this industry against thousands of other promising companies. Passion is what will keep your drive and your motivation alive.

For Amelia, the founder of Nana + Livy, a passion for soapmaking emerged from a long and challenging maternity leave back in 2017. This passion was derived from the discovery of the multitude of healthy food ingredients that could be incorporated and transformed into healthy soap and skincare products. Deciding to pursue that passion, Amelia turned her soapmaking hobby into a small business in 2018.

Even with a strong passion, starting a small business will come with its ups and downs. To give one example, learning to adapt to new normals during Covid 19 has been a process for all small business owners, ourselves included. We don’t share the same benefits as large companies in times like these. We are our own backbone. We needed to modify our business structure, make uncomfortable adaptations, and plan for hardships. Through it all, launching a small business is hard work but with the right intentions, you will see success. Here at Nana + Livy, we take pride in seeing satisfied individuals treating themselves to happy and healthy skincare products. Handmade is what our consumers love and handmade is who we are!