What is turmeric?

Turmeric is harvested from a plant native to the tropical South Asian region and is known for its distinct bright yellow to deep orange colour. Turmeric is an ingredient frequently used in cooking for colouring or flavour in curry powders, mustards, butter, cheeses, etc. In addition to adding flavour and colour to gourmet dishes, turmeric boasts a number of additional benefits. Have you heard about the benefits of turmeric as a skin care ingredient?

  1. Natural Glow

    Turmeric contains antioxidants and displays an array of anti-inflammatory properties. Through its reviving properties, turmeric helps to bring out the skin’s natural glow as well as provide an additional glow and luster to your skin. To achieve a fresh facial glow, definitely check out our Refresh Face Mask + Polish which contains turmeric and a number of other beneficial ingredients.

  2. Healing Properties

    Turmeric has been proven to help wounds heal faster by decreasing inflammation and oxidation. It has also been found to help control flare ups in certain skin conditions such as Psoriasis. Dealing with acne and scarring? Turmeric may help clear up breakouts and reduce scarring, for clean and healthy looking skin! Count us in!

  3. Slow Aging

    Some studies have shown the ability for long term use of turmeric to help treat and prevent skin related aging. The main active ingredient in turmeric, called circumin, is one that helps fight off free radicals in the skin and slow aging. Firm your skin and reduce the look of an aging complexion with a long-term skin regimen that includes turmeric.

Get started

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