It’s well-known that we are a green and sustainable brand. At Nana + Livy, we do not use plastic in our packaging. Some of the eco-friendly packaging materials we use include papers, glasses, and biodegradable pouches. As for secondary packaging materials, we use ribbons, strings, and even stickers quite a bit.

When it comes to stickers, they are not only great packaging materials, but also great tools for marketing. We used to hand stickers out as gifts for our customers at markets. They are great at promoting brand awareness. Here are four useful ways to use stickers to promote your brand and products:

  1. Logo stickers

    Logo stickers are a MUST. We use logo stickers as gifts and branding tools. They are extremely versatile and customizable. Just make sure you choose a sticker material that aligns with your brand and value. With a logo sticker, you can capture the impression and attention of potential customers, helping you to create long-term brand recognition and loyalty.

  2. Product stickers

    We haven’t tried this yet, but it’s something proposed by our marketing team. We put a lot of effort into taking product photography, and have received lots of compliments. As the photos speak for themselves, turning these photos into stickers would be a great way to market our products.

  3. Packaging

    As mentioned, we use stickers in our packaging, especially waterproof vinyl stickers in our Face Oil, Hair Oil, Bath Salts and Sugar Blocks. These commercially-printed stickers are simple, clean and effective. They completed the minimalistic look of our products professionally. They are also easy to apply on. This may not seem like an important point, but when it comes to hand-packaging batches of products, the ease of use is important as it saves time!

  4. Put stickers in your store

    Although we do not have our own storefront yet, we do have a studio with various fixtures. We love putting stickers on the windows, door, and walls as a way to promote our brand. We even put logo stickers on our tools such as calculator, square reader, etc so we don’t lose these items when we bring them to markets.

    In conclusion, stickers could be your key to effective branding and packaging because they are affordable, essential, and easy to apply especially to handmade products. Try to expand your ideas and creativity; you can try making bumper stickers out of these vinyl materials that you can place on cars, motorcycles, etc. They are known for their UV protection and waterproofing making them a popular solution. It is good to know that the most eye-catching and innovative advertising will draw new customers.

    With so many different ways to market your brand, it’s essential to use stickers from a reputable printing company. We were reached out by StickerCanada, a Canadian sticker printing specialist, who kindly provided us with our choice of stickers. After going through their selections, we’ve decided to print our logo in their art paper stickers in uncoated texture as this look aligns best with our minimalistic yet elegant theme. We love the quality of the stickers, and we would recommend them to any small-business owners like ourselves.