What exactly is clean beauty?

For those who don’t know, the term “clean beauty” refers to the production and use of skincare and beauty products formulated without the use of any toxic ingredients.

Why clean beauty?

So many cosmetic and beauty products in our society today are made with the use of toxic, harmful materials in order to save money and/or make the product look better to consumers. The transition to clean beauty is an important leap to make in order to put our bodies and the environment on track for a healthy future.

How do I start?

Transitioning to clean beauty is much easier than it may sound. Take it one step at a time. Start with one product. Replace one of your regular skin care products with a more sustainable and clean beauty product. To make it even easier, start with our Shampoo Bars! Formulated with all natural and 100% vegan ingredients, your transition to clean beauty is off to a great start. Our Shampoo Bars are formulated without the use of any detergents, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and other harmful chemicals that may be found in your regular shampoo. Shampoo Bars not your thing? Check out our exfoliating Sugar Blocks. Made with real food ingredients and no harsh chemicals, our Blueberry Mojito Sugar Blocks don’t only sound amazing, they are great for your skin and the environment as well! Traditional exfoliation scrubs contain tiny microbeads that are detrimental to our ocean environment and marine ecosystems. We create our exfoliating Sugar Blocks without the use of microplastics. Instead, we use real sugar to provide a natural, gentle exfoliation with an ocean friendly formula that hydrates and smoothes skin!

By taking the initiative to start living a clean and eco-friendly lifestyle, you are not only helping yourself but you are positively contributing to the ultimate desire to redefine the beauty industry. It starts with one individual, and one choice. Your choice to choose clean beauty is a small choice that will go a long way. We hope that after reading this you feel inspired to discover more clean beauty products to add to your daily routines today.