January is officially over and we’re halfway through February and you know what that means? This month is all about love! Valentine’s Day is coming up and it got me thinking about what the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is. As many people know, Valentine’s Day is a day where couples celebrate their love for each other. But why should it only be a day for couples? Valentine’s Day should really be a day to celebrate love from one person to another. I mean that’s why there’s Galentine’s Day right?

Even though Valentine’s Day is about lovers, we can celebrate love for one another, whether it’s romantic love, friendship love or family love.

Ways People Can Show Love

There are 5 different ways people can show their love, which often is referred to as one’s love language. The following love languages are:

  1. Words of Affirmation – words that will lift and motivate others like “I’m proud of you”.

  2. Acts of Services – doing little things that help cheer up your loved ones like making coffee for your loved one in the morning or waking up earlier in the morning to drive your loved one to work.

  3. Receiving Gifts – giving a gift to others means that you care and think about them.

  4. Quality Time- this means that you like spending time with your loved ones and will often make time for them, giving them your undivided attention.

  5. Physical Touch – giving others a warm hug or kiss on the head that can make one feel safe and feel loved.

To find out more about your love language, check out this website called 5 Love Languages! The quizzes on the website will help you discover more about yourself and how you can connect with your loved ones better!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

To get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, we have handpicked some gifts you could give to your loved ones to either get ready for a date night or have a relaxing day!

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