I’m sure you’ve all heard that our skin is our biggest organ. And yes, that is 100% true. Our skin is a barrier to protecting us from getting infections and external environmental factors. Your skin can also be a main indicator of any underlying diseases you may have. To learn more about why we should be careful about what we put on our skin, keep reading.

What Is in Your Skincare Products

Have you every wondered what is in your skincare products? Well, let me just tell you, more than half the ingredients are chemicals. Most of us probably buy into the hype of a brand because it’s popular and we see many influencers promoting it. But how many of you read the ingredients list on the products carefully?

From a personal perspective, I usually look at the main ingredients, read the reviews and purchase if I see it as a right fit for me to use. Thus, it is important to read the ingredient list of each product is key as many companies put tons of chemicals in their products. The correct way of reading the ingredients list is by looking at the first ingredients, which contains the largest amount.

Chemicals in Your Skincare You Should Avoid

  1. Parabens

    Parabens are a common chemical found in skincare to help preserve the product. Now what is so harmful about parabens? Parabens are known as endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which means they mimic estrogen. A must-avoid ingredient if you’re having hormone issues.

  2. Sulfates

    Sulfate in skincare products is used as a cleansing agent or for other purposes. Have you ever noticed why your skin might be irritated or more dry? Well, that is because if your skincare product you’re using contains sulfate, it will make your skin more irritated and more dry. Try and avoid sulfates if you’re able to!

    To find out more about the ingredients of your skincare products and if they’re toxic or not, check out the app, Think Dirty!

Why You Should Use Natural Skincare Instead

In short, knowing what is in your skincare product is important to reduce putting more chemicals onto your skin and letting that absorb into your body. Using natural skincare made of food ingredients is best as it provides as much nutrition as you would be putting into your body.

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