2021 has been quite a remarkable and memorable year for us at Nana + Livy. As a way of remembering and highlighting the major events that happened, we have compiled some of our favourite moments. We also want to acknowledge some of the not-so great moments of the year. All of these events have shaped us as a whole and we want to honour how much we have achieved in the past year though the good times and the bad.

Not So Great Moments

Starting with the not-so great moments we have had. Much like the other businesses in the retail industry, 2021 was the year where we truly felt the impact of the pandemic. To start, we had some difficulties managing production costs due to the price increase of raw materials and ingredients. This is due to shortages of supplies everywhere.

In addition, we had also lost some of our stockists. A lot of them were unable to order from us. We turned this set back into an opportunity by broadening our scope and reaching out to more vendors.

Noteworthy Achievements of 2021

On the brightside, we also had some noteworthy achievements. For example, our expansion efforts were quite significant for the year 2021. In fact, we have more than 50 locations across Canada and the US. We also started distributing internationally, in both Israel and Taiwan; with the most recent venture of us shipping a pallet to Taiwan for the very first time. This is huge for us as we had been distributing our products only in North America prior to this year.

We also love that Nana + Livy was able to get back to doing markets. With one of our proudest milestones of being able to vend at MUJI’s Community Market. We enjoyed seeing some of our returning customers, as well as meeting new ones.

For the very first time, we hired employees to help us with our marketing and production efforts. We even had our very first Christmas dinner. We are looking forward to expanding our team for next year!

See You in 2022

This year has been filled with lots of ups and downs. But we can confidently say that we have been blessed with a great year. We feel extremely thankful to all of the people that have been supporting Nana + Livy since the beginning and those that we have met this past year. We couldn’t have done any of this without their support.

We wish you all the best for the coming new year! See you in 2022!