Are you thinking about what gift to get your loved one? It’s officially November, which means the Halloween decorations are coming down and the Holiday ones are going up. Regardless of whether you are a last minute shopper or you do your shopping ahead of time, thinking of and selecting gifts for your loved ones is not an easy feat.

We want to make it easier for you. This gift guide was created so that we can help you shop for your loved ones. It showcases our most popular holiday gifts, as well as, our delectable last minute holiday treats.

Most Popular Gift Set

Our Mix + Match Soap Block Mini Gift Set is the easiest and most loved gift set. You can choose 4 out of 9 flavourful Soap Block scents. These are the scents you can select from – Coffee, Rose, Blueberry, Lavender, Rice Milk, Orange, Matcha, Lemon, and Charcoal. It is effortlessly customizable for the person you are giving it to.

If you are not sure what to choose, you can select ‘random’ and we will send you our surprise selection.

Another Gift Option

Does the person you are thinking of have a sweet tooth? But, perhaps you want to get them something that is non-perishable? Well, you can grab one of our Choco Soaps!

They come in 6 different flavours – London Fog, Neapolitan, Blueberry Lemonade, Ujikintoki, Mango Coco, and Mocha. All of our Choco Soaps look so appetizing that you will have to make sure the person you are gifting it to won’t be taking a bite!

Stocking Stuffers

Now, if you already have something planned for your loved ones, but feel as though you need to add something else to complete it. Then, we have just the options for you.

Naughty or nice? Sweet or salty? You can grab either one of our Soap Blocks or Salt Blocks as the perfect addition to your holiday gifts. Our Soap Blocks and Salt Blocks also make for great stocking stuffers.

  • Soap Blocks

    The individually packed, cold process Soap Blocks come in 10 different scents. These soap cubes are made easy for facial, hand and body cleansing.

  • Salt Blocks

    We also have the Salt Blocks, which come in 4 different scents. What makes these different from our Soap Blocks? A Salt Block is simply a Soap Block with lots of high-quality fine Pacific sea salts! Exfoliating but not scratchy, our Salt Blocks feel like polished stones that provide a dense and fluffy lather.

All of our products are vegan and made with real food ingredients. We ensure that we source the highest quality ingredients, make and package all of our products with care.

Wrap Up

The holiday season is fast approaching; before you know it, it’s already December. As fun as shopping may be, sometimes it can be extremely stressful. Especially when you are short on time. Hopefully, this gift guide helps you get an idea of what to get your friends, family and special someone. Making for a more relaxed and joyful holiday!